02/20/ Meeting Minutes

EGCA Meeting Minutes - February 18, 2020

Opening prayer: Sharita Slayton

President’s Report: Junel Jeffrey

New EGCA officer introduction

Kenilworth Swing Space Update

The school will be a swing space for Smothers for a two year project. However it can potentially become a swing space for a 6 to 8 yrs. There will be temporary structures that resemble a giant bubble in the back of the recreation center. EGCA is collecting signatures and engaging DCPS about our feelings for the future. We did get feedback; will meet with director of DPR.

DDOT Update:

The Minnesota Ave. roadwork is at Phase 2 of an 8-phase project.

Second phase ends in early March.

Awaiting add’l info on beginning/end of other phases to come.

Rep: MPD 6D (Contact information: 202-440-2698)

Crime has decreased as a whole

Thefts from auto is up. Here are some tips:

Don’t run your car with your doors unlocked.

Make sure your car is on the proper setting that will not allow all the doors to unlock when you exit your car for gas, etc.

Don’t leave things in plain view, especially on the front seat people.

Community concerns:

Lane Street: Boys have been going through cars early morning & at night.

The park is continuously open with no patrols.

What can we do?

Call MPD and ask “for special attention,” and you can remain anonymous.

Going out of town? Let your neighbors know or contact the MPD for “special attention” and they’ll drive by for home checks.

Report petty crimes to 911

Take part in the DC camera program

DC Ward 7 MOCR Rep: Christopher Ingram

Christopher introduced himself and will be added to our EGCA distro list.

Contact Information 202-286-4611 or Christopher.ingram@dc.gov)

DC Public Works:

Solid Waste Inspector Ms. Marie Armstead

Solid Waste Inspector does checks to ensure trash cans are properly stored; Cans can’t be left in public space beyond of collection days. For example, on Monday holidays, Tuesday collection will be on Wednesday.

If trash is missed, call 311 or 202-576-9000, get a service request number.

Leaves need to be in bags for collection.

Bushes in front of your house need to be trimmed.

Recycling – Plastic bags cannot be recycled. I

Seeing a lot of illegal dumping.

An illegal dumper was recently apprehended and charged.

If you see a yellow dump truck, call the MPD to report. Do not approach him, as he is likely hostile/dangerous.

ANC7D Commissioner Rep: Siraaj Hasan

Newly elected ANC7D Chairman.

ANC-DPW. March 19 budget deadline.

Closing prayer – Sherita Slayton

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Click here to read the wonderful meeting notes.

Click here to read the wonderful meeting notes.